Bio and Statement - Kacy Jung


Kacy (Kuo-Chen) Jung is a digital photography and mixed media artist who was born, raised in Taiwan and currently lives in San Francisco. She earned her MS in biomedical science field from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, worked in research organization for years, and now pursuing her dream as an MFA candidate at San Francisco Art Institute. Her works have been shown in Sun Trust Gallery in Durham, NC, Swell and Paul Sack Gallery at SFAI, SF, CA.


Like so many people alive today, I am living in a state of adjustments, transitioning from Eastern to Western culture, from being a single woman to a married one, and from being a student to a professional. These have raised the fundamental questions for me: Who am I? What makes me who I am? What is the purpose of my life? Why can't I answer these questions?

I use art as a way to examine and interpret the notion of the self, both personally and more broadly speaking. Through out my practice, I've been digging into how our memory, experience, and interaction with others shape our personality and identity. I am also interested in how society influences an individual through the hidden systems such as ideology through out the process of self-concept formation. I address these topics by using digital imagery, photo-based sculptures made by non-traditional printing materials, and site-specific installations to investigate the way individuality is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization metaphorically.

My another part of passion is challenging the idea of modernization and progression nowadays. On the one hand, technology avails us of a promising future and modern solutions to our problems – new medicine to combat the myriad human diseases and to increase life expectancy. Artificial intelligence and advanced machinery automate and relieve the burden of human labor. However, on the other hand, capitalism, neoliberalism, democracy and recent global trends have reshaped and birthed prosperous markets which sometimes transcend our society’s ability to grasp. Environmental problems such as global warming and unpredictable climatic changes are a result of not paying attention the threats posed by global warming. Our media is awash with mass shootings not to mention wars, conflicts, starvation, famine and other crises.

I want not only to question the illusionary bright side brought by the pursuing modernity advancement and development but also raise the awareness that each of our actions produces direct results that shape our world. Making things better is in our hands. Whether we consciously or unconsciously keep ignoring all these issues and refuse to appreciate what we have, we are not only denying ourselves of our future, and we are also endangering generations yet to be born.

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