Bio and Statement - Kacy Jung


Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung is a digital photography and mixed media artist who was born in Taiwan and currently lives in San Francisco. A few years ago, she was a scientist studying cancer biology and received her master degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Driven by the desire to create her own expression, Kacy started a journey to pursues her dream of being an artist. Kacy is currently an MFA candidate at San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco City. Her works have been shown in Long Island City in New York, Durham city in North Carolina,  San Francisco in California, and Taipei city in Taiwan.


Like so many people alive today, I am living in a state of adjustments, transitioning from Eastern to Western culture, from being a single woman to a married one, and from being a student to a professional. This has raised the fundamental questions for me: Who am I? What makes me who I am? What is the purpose of my life?

I use art as a way to examine and interpret the notion of the self, both personally and more broadly speaking. I am drawn to exploring the formation of my identity and confronting the traditional social values that come with it. I use my experience as a starting point to analyze the dynamic relationship and interdependence that exists between ‘an individual’ and ‘society.’ I believe that no one is immune to the influences from their surrounding cultures and environments.

Throughout my art practice, I use digital imagery, mixed media, photo-based sculptures, and site-specific installations to investigate the ways individuality is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization metaphorically. Projection, moving reflections, the transparent prints of portraitures from me and the people who have significant influences on me are used to represent the dynamic interconnectedness and conflicts between the traditional social values which are transmitted to me and the concepts of myself that I have generated.

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