Bio and Statement - Kacy Jung


Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung is a digital photography and mixed media artist who was born in Taiwan and currently lives in San Francisco. Before she began studying art at San Francisco Art Institute, she was a scientist studying cancer biology and received her master’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Driven by the desire to create her own expression, Kacy started a journey to pursue her dream of being an artist. Her works have been shown internationally including New York, North Carolina, California, and Taiwan.


Through photography, mixed media sculptures, and site-specific installations, Kacy investigates the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization. She believes that no one is immune to the influences of their surrounding environments, from close social groups such as relatives, friends to intangible superstructures such as culture and ideologies. By using her experience as a starting point, she  analyzes the negotiation, interconnectednesses, interconnectedness, and the power dynamics that exist between the individual and society.

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